America Lying About ISIS and Everything


America’s fraudulent Middle East adventures exposed


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


McCain with US-sponsored terrorists in Syria

A few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about CIA training camps in Jordan. The expose was a hoax. The WSJ is a Murdoch/Israeli publication that was providing cover to the CIA/Jordanian/Israeli nexus supporting ISIS and Al Nusra against the Damascus government.

The story in the WSJ described lack of funding, total lack of ammunition and supplies and told of a failed operation with few recruits and little US involvement. The story was a lie. There are massive weapons depots outside Amman that supply ISIS and supply lines from the Red Sea ports of both Israel and Jordan that run directly into the Daara region of Syria.

This is one lie, we will be looking at many, working to identify the criminal conspiracy behind ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and the gangsters in Yemen working with the Saudis and, moreover asking questions as to why an entire US fleet is now centered on Yemen and all American air power is redeployed from ISIS and now in either “stand down” or actively supporting the Saudi air campaign on behalf of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Phony Coalition

America’s “coalition of the willing” war against ISIS had, some weeks ago, ground to a halt. The “fall of Tikrit,” the prelude to the fall of Mosul, was to be a move to strangle Mosul and begin softening up ISIS for the move against their capitol. None of this has happened.

US air attacks on ISIS have ended. US drones are no longer over Syria and Iraq. Most US air assets are staying on the ground, while naval air assets have moved south and are supporting the Saudi air war on Yemen.


Syria Today

“Syrian Arab Army Cuts line of supplies to a part of the terrorists in the South – The Syrian Army managed this Monday cut a vital route for the supply of terrorists in weapons and men arrived in the south of Syria from Jordan.According to the statement of the Syrian army, the anti-government forces seized control of several locations in the Southern Province of Deraa and surrounded other two in the power of the armed groups.

This new victory will reopen and ensure a route vital between Deraa and (the province of) Suweida and cut the route of supplies for the armed terrorist groups “, He said the army, which he described this progress of ‘ fatal blow ” for rebel groups.

11q_282This information was confirmed by the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (odhr), whose director Rami Abdel Rahman, told afp that government forces had cut ” a route principal of supply ” Used by the rebels to negotiate weapons and fighters through the border Jordanian-Syrian at the point of al Layyat.This town has been used by the insurgents as a point of step for the weapons with direction to the Damascus Province.

In parallel to this success, the Syrian Army has conducted important advances in the provinces of Idleb and in Aleppo.

In the first, according to the Lebanese newspaper al akhbar, after having reconquistado several farms, the Syrian Army took the town of al Mukbilat, located in the south of the city of Idleb. The taking of the city took place after heavy fighting carried out with the militias against al Nusra, linked to al Qaida, and the of the Free Syrian Army, who suffered severe losses both materials and human.

In the province of Aleppo, The Army has taken three locations: Hayyar and the whole of hills that dominate, not far from the city of Janacer, Yeb Awad and Sheikh Mohammad. This will allow better control of the road linking the city of Aleppo on Janacer and with the central provinces of the country to the South West of Syria.”

Automatically Translated

Topete GLZ's photo.

No Air War Anymore

In the past 3 weeks, ISIS has moved over 1000 vehicles through open territory as though they were given permission by the United States. We believe this is actually the case. Prior to this, ISIS, Al Nusra and other groups the US was suppressing had been crippled, unable to move day or night, forced to store their heavy weapons in populated areas, their checkpoints subject to continual drone attack.

Moreover, as recent videos show, American heavy weapons are being used in Syria and Iraq, against the governments there and, technically, against US and coalition interests. Videos of new TOW missiles, the latest variation, with significant supplies of ammunition, make one thing clear. The United States is lying about their intentions against ISIS and Al Qaeda/Al Nusra.

We Are ISIS”

All ISIS/Daesh wounded are taken to Israel for medical treatment, all expenses paid and those that can be are returned to Iraq or Syria to attack and torture

Language of late by Netanyahu and others that “Al Qaeda” is a preferable partner in war, statements initially referring to the situation in Yemen, are telling. The real Al Qaeda partnership with the US is in Syria. We are seeing evidence of that now, increasing moves of weapons and fighters from Jordan or through Israel to Jordan and into Syria and Iraq.

The Saudis, through their Beirut embassy, are openly recruiting for Al Nusra and ISIS inside Lebanon, throwing money around like a drunken sailor. They make no attempt to hide what they are doing.

Similarly, Qatar is throwing money at factions of Hamas, not that these payments are new but the money has “strings.” Why is ISIS and Al Nusra policy so closely tied with forcing Palestinians to give up their “right of return.” Al Nusra units are deployed as a defensive shield against Hezbollah, protecting Israel’s northern border, supported by Israeli helicopters and mobile artillery.

Fighting in the Yarmouk camp has demonstrated much. Al Nusra and ISIS are fighting as one. Advanced Israeli communications equipment is being used, and ISIS and Al Nusra wounded are being evacuated into Israel openly.

The ever present American TOW missiles, brought in from CIA stores in Jordan, are forcing defenders underground. These long range and very powerful wire guided missiles can take down buildings and are used quite freely. An American armored brigade, 2700 men, is given 5 TOW missiles a year for training. This many are fired per hour in Yarmouk alone.

These missiles, built by Raytheon Corporation, closely aligned with both Saudi Arabia and the UAE, cost $60,000 each. Suppressing Syrian and American air power are the Stinger missiles now being passed around in both Iraq and Syria. Their cost is around $50,000 each. The interesting point is that they have a limited altitude they can operate at.

The US, when it was actively involved in opposing ISIS and Al Nusra through the air campaign that has now ended mysteriously, always bombed from high altitude sometimes as high as 40,000 feet using the Lancer heavy bomber.  The weapons from CIA stores that ISIS and Al Nusra, now functioning as “one in the same,” are using is meant to suppress close air support of combat operations, crippling not only the Syria Air Force but the Iraq’s as well, making their new Russian SU25 aircraft “sitting ducks.”


The US now has all naval and naval air assets deployed in support of Saudi Arabia. What is problematic is that these forces are supporting what analysts believe will lead to an ISIS takeover of Yemen. This appears to be the plan, not just Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States and Israel but the US as well. It is more important for US policy to keep Iran out of Yemen than to keep ISIS from controlling the Red Sea.

Any beliefs, after observing the situation in Yarmouk camp, that Al Qaeda in Yemen is not and has not been CIA controlled, are unfounded. US support for Al Qaeda is now quite public, much more so than two years ago when Senator John McCain met with their leaders in Syria.

Now as chairman of Senate Armed Forces, McCain is making sure Al Qaeda gets the American supplies it needs.  What is also becoming apparent is that the rumors and conspiracy theories about air drops to ISIS are not rumors at all.




Video of ISIS/Al Nusra/Al Qaeda fighters openly parading on perfect drone attack landscape, of them using first line American weapons and, as in the video above, staging mock executions, blood free “Charlie Hebdo” type blank firing “dust offs” is all coming together. It is taking less and less effort to see something more than simple governments behind what is going on across MENA and beyond. (Middle East North Africa)

The most telling aspect is the censorship in the US and UK. In order to see recent videos that debunk US efforts in Syria and Iraq, one needs an understanding of Arabic or Spanish, anything but English. The recruiting videos, many of which include real or mock executions and video of Iraqi or Syrian prisoners, and YouTube is guilty of war crimes for hosting such footage according to the Geneva Convention, are carefully targeted to states where Jihadists can be recruited.

The hand of intelligence agencies are seen here.



When VT attended the December 2014 Damascus Security Conference, we described ISIS as an international criminal conspiracy, not a revolutionary group, a nation and certainly not a religious movement. We cited security agencies of the US, Israel, France, Saudi Arabia and Britain as its backers and its real business as business.

We also cited, were video available, full complicity by the Rand Corporation, the Heritage Foundation, the Jamestown Foundation and the polish and spin of ISIS recruiting as being managed by PJ Media sometimes known as Pajama Media, the co-organizers of the Benghazi attacks.

We have named the hirelings. Time to begin identifying the overlords.

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War.He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.Gordon Duff is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists.He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries.He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration.Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.Visit Gordon Duff’s YouTube Channel
Source: Veterans Today

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