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Turkish parties, associations, people hold Erdogan responsible for the terrorist explosion of Suruc

Turkish parties, associations and people expressed, in demonstrations, statements and conferences, anger over the terrorist explosion that hit southern Turkish town of Suruc, holding Butcher Erdogan and his regime responsible for the bombing. On Monday, at least 3o people were killed in a terrorist bombing during a meeting of young activists to discuss the reconstruction of the […]


By Ziad Fadel, editor of Syrian Perspective The Big Surprise is working wonderfully in South Syria.  In battle after battle, Obama’s heroic decapitators and child molesters belonging to all those suggestively-named gangs like “Army of Islam”, “The Islamic Union for the Soldiers of Syria”, “The Assistance (Nusra) Front”, “The Islamic Front”, “The Brigade of Saladdin” (and the […]

Tyrkiet bomber – kurderne!

Skulle nogen stadigvæk være i tvivl om den tyrkiske regerings hensigter med hensyn til Islamisk Stats fremmarch i Irak, bør al tvivl nu høre op. Kurdere begraver nogle af deres døde: Den 14. oktober gik tyrkiske fly på vingerne – ikke for at bombe ISIS, men for at bombe kurdiske stillinger. Mindst 35 mennesker blev […]

Erdogan’s Dangerous Blame Game Kobani, Turkey and the Perfect Storm

By PANTON ECHTHISTON The fallout from Kobani reverberated across Turkey this week.  There were riots across the country, from Istanbul to Ankara and the southeast including Diyarbakir, Batman, Varto, Mardin, Van and Siirt.    Twenty-two protesters died between Monday and Thursday; there are curfews in six provinces; water cannon and tear gas is being used to […]

Tyrkiet klar til aktion i Syrien og Irak

Udenlandske soldater får ret til at anvende Tyrkiets militære baser i kamp mod IS Den 2. oktober udsendte Ritzau en pressemeddelelse, hvor man blandt andet skrev: ”Tyrkiets parlament gav torsdag landets militære styrker mandat til at udføre militære operationer i Irak og Syrien mod Islamisk Stat (IS) og andre terrorgrupper. Parlamentets mandat giver også udenlandske […]

Syria: Turkey’s Plans And Other Confused Thinking

Under U.S. pressure the Turkish parliament will vote tomorrow on joining the coalition against the Islamic State. But that will only be a disguise. The real aim of the Turkish president Erdogan is to install a puppet Islamist regime in Damascus. That is the price he is asking for: Turkey will not allow coalition members to use […]

Turkey may send troops, allow foreign soldiers into Syria

Published Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Turkey may send troops into Syria and Iraq and allow foreign soldiers to use its bases for cross-border incursions against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants, according to a government proposal to be debated by parliament on Thursday. The advance by ISIS fighters to within clear sight of […]