By Ziad Fadel, editor of Syrian Perspective

The Big Surprise is working wonderfully in South Syria.  In battle after battle, Obama’s heroic decapitators and child molesters belonging to all those suggestively-named gangs like “Army of Islam”, “The Islamic Union for the Soldiers of Syria”, “The Assistance (Nusra) Front”, “The Islamic Front”, “The Brigade of Saladdin” (and the list goes on and on ad nauseam) are collapsing like so many dominoes.  Even in the Golan, with the help of the ineffective Zionist army of hoodlums, settlers, ghetto rats and Tay-Sachs carriers, the FSA led by Chief Yokel, ‘Abdul Ilaah Al-Basheer, is proving itself no better than an army picked from the most isolated valley in Appalachia.  But, the Big Surprise is not limited to Der’ah and its environs. No. No. It is starting up in Turk-Occupied Asia Minor.

I still can’t tell you what the Big Surprise is until the appropriate time when its disclosure will not compromise our efforts to exterminate the American-supported rodents in the South.  But, I can tell you something about a bigger surprise coming to the United States and Turkey in the North.  This Big Surprise is really, really big, and Obama appears blind to it.

Let me preface our conversation with the axiom oft-repeated in the Western Press and in Moscow:  “Obama is committed to being non-committed”.  He genuinely, and with good reason, does not want to be a war-time president.  With an 18 Trillion Dollar deficit mostly engineered by his presidency, with much contribution from his mutton-headed predecessor, G.W. Bush, Obama simply can’t see his way to spending 20 Billion Dollars a week stopping U.S.-created rats from acting out their genocidal impulses against frivolous rubes like the Syrian Kurds, Syrian Christians, Syrian Alawis or Druze, Syrian Ismailis or Armenians.  You see, Obama’s conscience has been co-opted by the Neo-Cons infesting his administration.  And, the Neo-Cons have a conscience only for Jews.

In both Russia and Iran, steps are being taken in preparation for an anticipated blunder from Washington.  We have already revealed Iran’s call-up of IRGC reserves.  We have not discussed Russian preparations.  Information coming to us directly from Tartous and Latakia demonstrate a slow and inexorable build-up of Russian naval power including nuclear-powered submarines capable of firing cruise missiles off the coast of Tartous.  Coupled with Lavrov’s declarations that any “No-Fly Zone without approval from the U.N.S.C. would be illegal”, it appears Russia has committed to both vetoing any such Chapter 7 action with the intent to aggressively sabotage any ultra vires actions on the ground or in the air if necessary.

Iran, for its part, through its main foreign policy messenger, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, has warned Turkey openly that any establishment of a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria would trigger “decisive, harsh and immediate” reaction from Iran.  What we also know is that the Iranians have made it clear that such action would mean all out war once the Syrian parliament is asked to declare exactly that by the Assad Administration.  All out war with Iran means no more natural gas for Turkey.  If Russia supports Iranian actions by cutting off all natural gas supplies to Turkey, it will not only be a cold winter for Anatolians, it will spell certain death for Erdoghan’s political party.  In Turkey, no matter who is chief of staff, the army is only a breath away from snuffing out the life of any government.

With Obama in office, there is scarce desire to put boots on the ground.  This writer is absolutely convinced that Obama will adhere to the axiom and will not commit troops to combat again in Iraq.  New Prime Minister Al-‘Abbaadi has declared that the U.S. would not be allowed to put combat troops on the ground in his country, anyway. This is essentially a Neo-Con fixation abetted by the Zionist criminals in occupied Palestine.  Oh, they’ll push for it.  The Zionist controlled media in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe will goad him into it with accusations of cowardice, insensitivity and indecision, but, Obama has to consider during these last few years whether his legacy will be Obamacare or another endless morass into which he drowned the people and soldiers of the United States of America.

That the proxies picked by Obama’s CIA are nihilists should not come as a surprise to anyone.  It reflects the battered, misshapen and deluded character of those psychopaths who inhabit the corridors of decision-making in Washington.  Obama seems to enjoy the process of selecting his peculiar horde of monsters only so he can appear oppressed by them, and in so resisting their hideous impulses, emerge with the appearance of a detached humanity best described as “professorial”.  But, if the truth be told, Obama is blind to the facts which will define the character of his two terms in office.  He is blind to his own character and its place in the devolution of history.

The first fact is you can’t accomplish anything halfheartedly.  If Obama has to overthrow Dr. Assad, he should commit himself to doing it. But, in doing it, he has to commit to ending civilization as we know it.  So why does he persist in accommodating the fantasies of Neo-Cons and their termagants in Washington?  Who knows.  Frankly, he might just be buying time at 20 billion dollars a week.  Perhaps, promises have been made to raise support for the Democrat Party if he sleazily goes along with most of the program.

The second fact he’s ignoring is his fleet in the Persian Gulf is only a few kilometers from Iran’s arrayed anti-ship missile launchers.  If he chooses to listen to world-class derelicts like Erdoghan and McCain, he will trigger ugly responses from both Iran and Russia.  He will also face demonstrations in front of the White House as large as any since the Vietnam War.  His legacy may turn out to be nothing more than “The Most Hated President Since Richard Nixon” or “The Most Zionist-Enslaved Dunderhead Since George W. Bush” or “Mr. Big Disappointment”.  Note that the American fleet is conveniently facing the coast of Iran on the northeast corner of the island at only 150 miles.


The third fact goes to his own sense of self-respect.  Look folks, it’s one thing to associate with a trained opthamologist who speaks 3 languages fluently, is married to a very intelligent woman whose father is one of England’s most respected cardiologists, and a woman who is blessed with world class beauty, and then another thing altogether to be allied with simian, nay, roach-like desert vermin whose greatest claim to fame is in denying women the privilege of driving cars,  traveling freely without a relative’s permission, studying anything in the presence of males, wearing ordinary clothing and in promoting decapitations for sorcery, blasphemy, casual marijuana smoking; flaying citizens for drinking alcohol and casual public kissing; prohibiting cinemas while promoting all the other badges of Stone Age piety for which the Wahhabist Saudi Arabian heretics have become notorious throughout the universe.  Obama has terrible judgment when it comes to picking his friends, minions and thugs.  Or, does he pick them for the reason we mentioned earlier?

The fourth fact he’s ignoring is how much he has himself been recast from “reformer”, “liberator”, “revolutionary”, “altruist” and “innovator” into “dilettante”, “tyrant”, “comprador”, “miser” and “same old crap”.  He must and should  care about whether he’ll just be remembered as a president who was a constitutional law professor who didn’t know he was supporting terrorism as a way to violate international law and the U.N. Charter by trying to openly overthrow the sitting president of a member state of the U.N.

Ironically, like Samson, Obama is going to bring the whole house down on himself and his perceived tormentors – the American people; the same people who held him in such lofty esteem when he first started campaigning for the highest office of the United States.  Yet, he’ll never tell you who the real Philistines are although we all know and are afraid to say it en clair.  When he brings the pillars down, he won’t be discriminating against anyone.  He will blindly take us all to Hell with him. 

If the earth is going to be destroyed, it’s human populations deracinated from their roots, all its much ballyhooed accomplishments rendered pointless and future generations locked in a black hole where time cannot pass, then, let’s, at least, bring out the embarrassing fact that all this is going to happen because of an African-American congressman from Chicago who parlayed his oratory into a belief that he was “really different” and “out for change”.  Boy. He didn’t tell us exactly what change he had in mind, but, it sure sounds like a “Mad Max” movie.

And isn’t it appropriate that this former gutter-rat from Chicago would sashay around the globe with the muffled whisper he isn’t a war time president while he amasses rosaries stringing together the dried heads of thousands of Syrian children killed by his “rebels”?  I’m now going to change my mind. What I wrote earlier about being convinced Obama wouldn’t put boots on the ground in Iraq is invalid.  Like Satan, Obama had me believing he really didn’t exist as the monster who would lead the world to another Armageddon.  Could he exist?  Is he really blind? Or is all this a part of the tragicomedy in which he is the protagonist buoyed up by white American End-of-Days fanatics and their Zionist carnival barkers to usher in their peculiarly rapturous obsession with nihilism?  I’m now convinced he is exactly that. ZAF

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