Is an Ukronazi attack imminent? Yes! So what else is new?

Novorussian officials have called a press conference today to warn about the high risks of an Ukronazi assault on Novorussia in the very near future. 

I have asked our translation team and friends to subtitle the video of this press conference and I hope to get it in the next 24 hours or less.

The press conference was unique in that Edward Basurin, the Deputy Defense Minister and spokesman for the Novorussian armed forces showed a map with what he described as the Ukrainian attack plans:

Ukie plan of attack on Novorussia

While I don’t doubt for one second that the Novorussians have pretty much near perfect intelligence about the situation in the Nazi-occupied Ukraine and the plans of the junta (all that provided courtesy of the Russian GRU), I have to say that what this maps shows is extremely predictable too and not fundamentally different from what the Ukronazis tried last year: surrounding and cutting off Donetsk from Lugansk and taking control of key parts (or even all) of the Ukrainian-Russian border.  Basurin also quoted the figures for the junta forces and those are in line with what others, including Cassad, have reported.  The Ukronazi force is most definitely numerically large.

Basurin also warned that the attack would be preceded by a false flag attack organized by the junta and blamed on the Novorussians.  Again, nothing new here.

To be honest, we are all getting used to ‘cry wolf’ about an impending Ukronazi attack.  And this is hardly our fault.  Such an attack has, indeed, been impending for a long while already and the junta’s bellicose rhetoric has only reinforced this sense of imminent danger.  Furthermore, the recent visit of the British Defense Minister in Kiev only made things worse as the junta always does something ugly when western dignitaries visit Kiev.  Add to this that Poroshenko is scheduled to meet with his German and French counterparts next week and the sense of crisis will be total.  And logically so.

So while the tensions are real and definitely based in reality, they are also nothing new here, really.  You could also legitimately that all this panic is nothing else but business as usual and that it will remain so until the regime of Nazi freaks in Kiev is finally replaced by something more or less civilized.  This will inevitably happen but, alas, not in the near future.

So we are left with this exhausting and frustrating situation where yet another Ukronazi attack might happen anytime but where it also might not.  That is the inevitable consequence of having evil, weak and insecure psychopaths in charge of an entire country.

Yesterday a rumor was started indicating that the Novorussians were planning to organize a referendum to join Russia.  I still don’t know if that rumor is based in reality or not, but I will note that this kind of rumor could also serve as a perfect pretext for a Ukronazi attack.

It is clear to me that something has to give, probably soon.  The Ukrainian economy is dead, the stocks of basic goods and energy for next winter are empty, the country is in ruins and social tensions are on the raise everywhere.  I personally cannot image that regime change could happen in Kiev before at least one more attack on Novorussia.  The junta really has nothing left to lose and by massing a large attack force, regardless of how ill prepared this force is, and at least the theoretical such an attack could possibility draw Russia in and, thereby, save the Ukronazi junta in Kiev.

Nobody in Kiev is seriously thinking that they can occupy Donetsk or Lugansk or pacify the Donbass.  Everybody is pretending otherwise, but that ain’t happening.   Everybody in Kiev is fully aware of the fact that the Donbass is lost forever.  So I will repeat this again: the real purpose of an attack will not be to ‘reconquer’ Novorussia, it will be to draw Russia into the Donbass.  How?

Well, in theory, if the junta can launch enough men and armor to overwhelm the Novorussian defenses and if these forces succeed in surrounding Donetsk and Lugansk, Russia will really have no other option than to intervene.  Of course, the Russians will easily defeat the Ukronazi forces, in 24 hours or less, but at that point the Nazi regime in Kiev will be saved: it will be able to declare full mobilization, blame every difficulty in Russia, crush any resistance with even more brutality than before and politically force all the US allies to provide aid to the regime in Kiev.  The regime itself, by the way, would be safe as, contrary to the hopes of many, the Russians will not push much beyond the current line of contact.  At most they will liberate Mariupol and or Slaviansk/Kramatrosk as a “penalty” for the Ukronazi attack.  The junta in Kiev will remain safe, at least from the Russians.

The real danger for the junta does not come from the Russian military, but from the disillusioned and impoverished Ukrainian people with whom the regime will remain “one on one” unless the Russians intervene.  And as long as this situation will remain like this, a Ukronazi attack will possibly atany moment.  Starting right now.


  1. Have these morons never read a history book?

    The Ukies and NATO are ignoring after-battle reports of this entire conflict.

    What would lead them to think ‘this time’ will be different?

    Someone light the fuse and get this over.

    • Its like in any fight.The opponent thinks “this time,I’ll win”.Sometimes they do,usually they don’t.But for them,they convince themselves “this is that time to win for me”.No fighter (real fighter) goes into a fight thinking they’ll lose.The Ukie high-command must have convinced enough of their forces this is their time to win.On paper it does look good for them.But its a “fighter’s heart” that most times decides a fight.We’ll see if they have that,I doubt it.The time I’d be looking at is August 24th or September 3rd for the Ukie offensive (so 8-23 to 9-4-2016 most likely).

    • You make it sound like the US wants Kiev to win. The actual goal may be to break relations between Russia and Germany. So all that is required is hysterical news reports for weeks that Russia has invaded. It doesn’t really matter how or why, just so long as Russia becomes the new Hitler.

    • What does it matter to THEM??? They are not doing the fighting, they could care less, as is so apparent till now. And, the USG is behind them, ordering them too; besides, there are many mad zombies in Ukraine.
      Just remember that the USG will fight to the last Ukrainian, they don’t care if/when Ukrainians get killed – either side.

  2. Then that would be the “ultimate” Russian error.If you are going to sent troops you go “all the way”.Half measures are just that “half measures”.The West will react with sanctions either way.But the liberating of Ukraine totally,would end the junta permanently.Its the case as in poker “go big or stay at home”.Ukraine is not Iraq,and Russia is not the US.The US invaded to “bring democracy” to an alien society that they knew nothing about.And without committed allies among the population.Russia on the other hand would actually be liberating a country that they have known everything about for a thousand years.A people that are ethnically the same as they are.Where they have immense support in many areas.And local military and political allies with a lot of strength.Their intention would be to bring to that country what the majority want.A new government that will bring peace and stability to the nation and cleanse it of fascism,and then withdraw,leaving it a federal Ukraine,under a Ukrainian government.

    The West no matter what, will try to punish Russia.They punish Russia if she does nothing.They punish Russia if she does something.Its better to be punished for doing something.And have at least an accomplishment,than to be punished for doing nothing and have an endless problem on your border.Ready to blow up at any moment.Leaving the security of Crimea and all Western Russia at risk.As well as let a mortal danger to millions of ethnic and pro-Russian Ukrainians remain in place.

    • Do you really believe Russia has the energy to occupy all of Ukraine and support a new government, while enduring the full-might of USA/EU sanctions and constant civil unrest and a USA fueled nazi insurgency?

      No doubt Russia can smash the UAF and the nazi volunteers in a few days, but then comes the hard part.

      • The only choice Russia has is to fight and win,or kneel to the West.They will need to find the energy to,or get the knee-pads ready.As I said the West will punish Russia either way.At least by liberating Ukraine and helping set up a decent non-fascist government they will eliminate one huge problem.And once the World (the real World community,not the West) sees how most Ukrainians are happy to see the junta gone (and the evidence in the Kiev archives of the Western backed coup is fully exposed) the World community will side with Russia.We are coming to a turning point in history.Either Russia and all the World is enslaved to the West.Or Russia and the World fight back and save themselves.

      • Occupy?
        Are you aware of what you’re talking about?
        It’s not the US in Iraq.
        Russia will not occupy Ukraine, but bring, this time really, freedom.

        If the Ukrainians are so stupid to refuse to reunite with the Motherland, well…

  3. Niqnaq is quoting Basurin as having said:

    (redacted) You don’t need to promote the niqnaq spammer, who incidentally has been long persona non grata here, due to being a disinfo troll, to post the info. You could have posted a link to the info the niqnaq spammer referenced. The actual source. But you didn’t, and chose to promote niqnaq instead. Mod ME

  4. Excellent commentary.

    So I will repeat this again: the real purpose of an attack will not be to ‘reconquer’ Novorussia, it will be to draw Russia into the Donbass. How?

    Well, in theory, if the junta can launch enough men and armor to overwhelm the Novorussian defenses and if these forces succeed in surrounding Donetsk and Lugansk, Russia will really have no other option than to intervene. Of course, the Russians will easily defeat the Ukronazi forces, in 24 hours or less, but at that point the Nazi regime in Kiev will be saved: it will be able to declare full mobilization, blame every difficulty in Russia, crush any resistance with even more brutality than before and politically force all the US allies to provide aid to the regime in Kiev. The regime itself, by the way, would be safe as, contrary to the hopes of many, the Russians will not push much beyond the current line of contact. At most they will liberate Mariupol and or Slaviansk/Kramatrosk as a “penalty” for the Ukronazi attack. The junta in Kiev will remain safe, at least from the Russians.

    I don’t think the ZPC/NWO ever intended their aggressions to be serious conquest attempts. The planning always looked as if amateurs formulated it. The idea has been to draw Russian in, not conquest the breakaway region. The goal being to use that, like the sods did in the 80’s over Afghanistan Israeli-American ops during the 1980s. It worked then to isolate the USSR and weaken the country internally.

    The “people” (in reality, things, they are not human any more) the ZPC/NWO oligarchs favour as their underlings are not brilliant thinkers, but team players. Those who know how to please massa and get what massa wants. These are not original thinkers, they are the worst sort of herd animals. This is reflected in their operations. They rarely come up with something new, but instead build upon previous ops, and continue to use aspects deemed successful in the past.

    IE: they tweak their planning incrementally to try and adapt their set templates to different situations. This is due to all involved not being “radical thinkers”, but instead, more akin to the “prison bitch” mentality of adapting and sucking up to massa. Safe employees pretty much guaranteed to carry out their assigned policies who wont question their role, whom massa absolutely need now running the basics for them.

    Those who question are too much a threat of being “whistle blowers”.

    • “The planning always looked as if amateurs formulated it.”

      Perhaps you are conflating planning with wishing?

      If wishing, what is the “formulation” of wishing – whether conscious or unconscious would such not likely be hologram projection?

      Does “formulation” take place outside context including notions of sole agency?

      As to amateurs, given present context was/is there any alterative?

  5. You’ve heard from the best; now it’s time for the rest!
    Here’s Ben F. aka Bennie Hill I’ve named him, on the Tianjin China port city event AUG 11:

    Clearly the attack was also linked to ongoing negotiations between East and West over the future of the global political, economic and financial infrastructure. Pope Francis is trying to place himself as a peace-maker and intermediary in this ongoing power struggle/negotiation between East and West, according to P2 freemason sources.
    (He should also change his pic–he looks like a used car salesman .)

  6. You could also say, “Launch-ready nuclear weapons? Yes! So what else is new?”.
    The possibility of direct military conflict between the two nations that possess them, via Ukraine.

  7. You should not refer to them as “the Ukrainians”, “Ukraine” or “the Ukrainian Government”. This only legitimizes the regime and makes it seem like “the Ukrainian people” are running things which they are not. The current regime was handpicked by representatives of foreign governments and is lead by Zionist Jews. They are no more “Ukrainian” than Victoria Nuland is “American”. We have to learn from their propaganda techniques and turn them against them. All of the techniques they’ve used to demonise the Libyan/Syrian governments can be used against them in Ukraine. An evil dictatorship, backed by foreign governments, using fighter jets and artillery to massacre its own people and crush pro-democracy protests. Regime-backed thugs attacking and burning alive peaceful protestors who dared to speak out against the dictatorship.

    We need to learn from their techniques and use them against them. We can use them more effectively since unlike their horror stories of peaceful protestors being massacred in Libya and Syria, our stories about Ukraine are actually true. The truth is on our side. The only advantage the enemy has is crude brainwashing techniques honed over decades of practice which work on the weak-minded. I would recommend anyone who wants to understand how this works to read the hasbara handbook. It’s all about making emotional associations rather then rational arguments based on facts.

  8. I think the Russian Airborne goes in and secures Mariupol. Defeated there, the Ukies flank against Donetsk is open for the militia to attack, surround and destroy. That leaves Donetsk free to advance and encircle along the attack lines facing them.

    If they want Slavyansk, they can roll north, following the panicked Ukies retreating.

    Mariupol should not be an afterthought. It should be the primary Russian target in response to an the next offensive. Take it with elite troops. Create a false flag event, shelling into Russia if necessary. Sabotage of a small vessel if necessary. Even a false flag event toward Crimea. Whatever it takes.

    Once Mariupol falls, the Ukies will crumble all the way along the contact line. The momentum of the militia will be powerful.

    Use all the dirty tricks of the West and Israel and get this damn war over.
    Victory. There is no substitute.

      • Defeat and destruction of your enemy. End of threat. Subjugation of opposing forces. Extinguishment of opposition’s operational capability.

        (Why are the most doltish queries spawned by Anonymous?)

    • Your comment..@Red Ryder

      The Kyiv Post (re-printed by RI) has already tried the ‘false flag’ routine about Mariupol.

      Claims the Kyiv-controlled city was subjected to shelling by the ‘rebels’ , while some residents believe the attack came from the UAF – strenuously denied of course.

      The UAF spokesperson was suitably ‘shocked’ ‘ by the idea – while failing to see the irony of well-known attacks on Donetsk, Shirokino etc infrastructure/housing/hospitals by the UAF providing plenty of ‘form’ for the residents suspicions, as Kiev claims ‘unity’ and ‘territorial integrity.’ Not to mention blockades and sanctions against a people they claim are part of the Ukraine.

      I only hope the Mariupol folk are generally as aware as the Donetsk folk.

      PS Does anyone have any views on where Odessa fits in to a
      all of this?

  9. An excellent article about this situation was posted on Fort Russ.A couple of most heartening passages.Which if a good prediction seem to echo my point posted earlier:

    SP: Will the soldiers of the people’s republics repel an offensive?

    – Ukraine will suffer another defeat. And it’s not about moving the front line 30 kilometers. We are talking about the annihilation of a significant part of Ukrainian troops and reserves. This is vital for the People’s Republic. Then the war will go beyond Donbass and spread to the territory of historic Novorossia. I think that the self-defense forces and DPR and LPR have enough to destroy the enemy.

    SP: It won’t turn out that, after Minsk-2, there will be a Minsk-3?

    – It will be a very bad “anecdote.” Minsk-2 was signed with much difficulty. Russian President Vladimir Putin had to use all his authority to persuade the leaders of the People’s Republics to sign the agreement.

    The people of Donbass will neither bear nor accept a Minsk-3. Such arrangements would mean the beginning of the end for the authorities in Donetsk and Lugansk, as the people’s patience is running out. If Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky will want a Minsk-3, then more resolute people will come to power in DPR and LPR.

    The Minsk agreement was signed in February thanks to the authority of Putin. The new agreement will affect his reputation not only in Donbass region, but also in Russia. So something like a “Minsk-3″ is unlikely.

    • Uncle Bob,

      Thanks for the Fort Russ link.

      Minsk 2– legally speaking– is perfect. It obligated Kiev to take certain steps to achieve the peace, every one of which they have violated. It gave Novorossiya the legal basis of controlling their border with Russia, until such steps are performed (Never).

      Conforming to Minsk 2 has become the source of legitimacy even in the Western press. Of course US govt & Western media still lie about who’s violating it, but that’s to be expected. There is no reason for a Minsk 3. Minsk 2 has done exactly what it was intended to do:
      1. Establish the mandated means for creating peace, and have it affirmed by the UN.
      2. The thorough violation of the agreement may even supply the basis for Russian peacekeepers.

      Much has been written about the failure of Minsk 2 to stop the fighting, but no one expected it to, unless the Germans & French awoke more fully to their danger under under US vassalage. In addition to establishing the only legitimate path to peace it bought time.

  10. What’s even more conspicuous about today’s Kosher Ukronazis, as opposed to their more authentic forerunners, is their indifference — actually total nihilism — with regard to their proud Ukro society’s prospects for the future. Utter scum too stupid to realize their own worthlessness; at least as long as Soros and the tribe provide the money. Will be great fun to watch these proud white lowlives as their beloved EU starts settling hapless Third World immigrants and refugees on Banderite soil. To say nothing of the reactions of these Asians and Africans while watching their “compatriots” of jumping, drooling, and panting Maidan monkeys in action.

    Ukros — even more screwed up than Syriza’s electorate in Greece. But enjoying it like nobody else does.

      • Of course Greece isn’t Ukraine. Even the Greek Nazis (Golden Dawn) wouldn’t have anything to do with the Ukro-trash. Fascists in the West and in the East have very different priorities.

        But what clearly unites Syriza — its leadership as well as its adherents — and the Ukro-trash is the die-hard commitment to ‘European values’. Hence, both Syriza and the Banderites gotexactly what the Eurocrats had in store for them. The desire to partake in joint First World parasitic appropriation of the Earth’s resources and labour output is the same in both cases.

  11. ** See also:

    Source: Poroshenko is planning an operation to destroy DPR and
    LPR with NATO support
    August 20, 2015

    ** the real purpose of an attack/RUSSIA…

    With October/November in sight the Dutch Safety Board’s
    rendez-vous with *Rhodus*, or MH17 hic salta style can’t be
    deferred further. Some major *help* (read: dynamics unfolding)
    will be needed to deflect the scandal, reinvigorate the hoax

    • [T]he armed forces of the Russian Federation will not intervene,
      since a direct clash with NATO […]^1

      It remains to be seen:

      [f]alse flag with chemical weapons or depleted uranium, etc.[…]^1




      Notice that Ukraine DOESN’T/NEVER WILL [going from bad to worse]
      fulfill the *minimum requirements for NATO membership*, sticking
      here with just the formalism of that membership [google] and
      ignoring anything beyond it.

      Ukraine is therefore CLEARLY used as a hostage to be tormented
      publicly in order to elicit reactions; think beheading of the
      [borrowing from Roland Barthes:] second-order.

      Which implies: they [NATO] are mad for Russia bouncing back in
      order to depict any cannon fodder as the victims, Ukraine being
      spendable anyway.


      Le Onzième stratagème : sacrifier le prunier pour sauver le
      Quand la situation ne permet pas de garder toutes ses cartes en
      main, il faut savoir quels atouts garder et de quelles cartes il
      faut se défausser.

      Also read:

      “Quiet Americans” in Kiev
      20 Aug 2015

      • The US has established bioweapons labs around the borders of Russia. The reasons are thought to include exploitation of lax regulations relating to bioweapons research. There are two in Ukraine; one in Odessa and the other south west of Kiev. These are believed to carry out research into Ebola in class 3 rather than class 4 laboratories. It would be easy for a “mistake” to occur in one of these labs allowing for the release of whatever pathogens they store. The resultant panic would inevitably be blamed on Russia.

      • “think beheading of the
        [borrowing from Roland Barthes:] second-order.

        Which implies: they [NATO] are mad for Russia bouncing back in
        order to depict any cannon fodder as the victims, Ukraine being
        spendable anyway.


        Le Onzième stratagème : sacrifier le prunier pour sauver le
        Quand la situation ne permet pas de garder toutes ses cartes en
        main, il faut savoir quels atouts garder et de quelles cartes il
        faut se défausser.”

        Consideration of the conserations of M. Barthes would not be remiss, but the eleventh stratagem is a linear construct of “game theory”, which M. Barthes would likely hold to be unduly inhibiting.

        • Les 36 Stratagèmes
          Traité secret de stratégie chinoise
          Stratagèmes des batailles indécises



          Les deux camps aux prises dans un conflit ont chacun leurs atouts
          et chacun leurs faiblesses []

          C’est ainsi que Sun Bin fit triompher Tian Ji en trois courses.
          Le général Tian Ji aimait les courses mais ses équipages étaient
          tous plus mauvais que ceux de ses adversaires.

          Sun Bin lui dit: Pariez, je me fais fort de vous obtenir la

          Or les compétitions se livraient en trois courses: la première
          pour les chevaux les meilleurs; la seconde pour les chevaux
          moyens; la dernière pour les plus mauvais chevaux.

          Avant le départ de la première course, Sun Bin dit à Tian Ji
          d’engager son plus mauvais équipage contre les meilleurs chevaux
          des équipes concurrentes. À la deuxième course, le meilleur
          équipage de Tian Ji courut contre les chevaux de seconde
          catégorie de ses adversaires, et à la dernière course, il fit
          courir ses chevaux moyens contre leurs plus mauvais chevaux.

          Ainsi, sur trois courses, il en perdit une mais en gagna aisément
          deux et remporta anis l’enjeu du pari. Ceci est une ruse de vrai
          stratège professionnel. Il est fort difficile a ceux qui
          n’appartiennes pas au métier de le détecter.

          ** Barthes

          You may study the “signifier/signified/sign” paradigm

          A second order language [a *myth* in the classical
          interpretation], or a *metalanguage* [more in general], acts on a
          first order language, generating meaning out of already existent

    • The German High Court has ordered the German Foregin Ministry to declassify and release a report it received before the MH17 incident detailing the dangers of flying over Eastern Ukraine.

  12. I think the only analysis which counts now is, essentially, military or raw power — not propaganda.

    The necessity if Ukros attacks is to beat the hell out them and leave them with nothing left to be threat in the foreseeable future, whether that take direct Russian intervention or not.

    If NATO gets militarily involved then it ill be necessary to beat them off and down too, doing whatever it takes. If nukes are used, then it’s too bad but there would have been no way out in any case (and byebye to everyone until the next configuration of reality if there is one).

    When that’s done, then Russia, if directly involved, can go home and leave the cleanup to Donbas and the human beings in Ukraine.

    This is not real politick but real existence, and there is no way of avoiding it. If the crazies are hell bent on blowing up Ukraine, or the world, well… I’ve warned for years that they should be stopped before it was too late and maybe now it is too late (and maybe for the environment too). If the ‘good guys’ decide to lay down and let the monsters take over, then the end will still come, but it’ll be a lot nastier for a lot of people.

    But it’s not a question of giving US/NATO/empire an excuse to get involved — they are already involved, and how much more they do so is up to them, not Russia or Donbas. This is crisis — a point of no return — we either survive or we don’t but there is no easy or sneaky way to get around it — no games left to play. If lunatic empire doesn’t back down then either they are defeated, or humanity is. There’s no way back — only forward to whatever comes, and how that works out depends on not pretending ‘it’ isn’t here.

  13. Or, of course, they could be bluffing.

    Their most recent combat readiness survey was a disaster, finding that whole battalions were preparing to desert en masse.

    They sold most of last year’s tank production to Nigeria (business is business) and have put so much pressure on the workforces (triple shifts) that everything produced in the tank factories can be expected to resemble Ford’s and GE’s “Monday morning cars.”

    • Ukraine have no tank production line since the beginning of the 90s. Everything was sold/stolen/ destroyed. They can’t produce new tank/bmp like Russia. They can only fix old tanks from their main and reserve forces and sold them, like Poland, Hungary etc.
      They can still produce new trucks and cars.

    • Did his job all right! Almost beautiful this accomplishment of his: Hold a referendum and then reward the electorate by imposing an even more brutal Eurocrat diktat — after all, the original — rejected — diktat wasn’t Implemented, right?

      I think the Eurocrats should offer Tsipras the very same job in Banderastan. Ukros do seem to appreciate foreigners ruling over them and, secondly, don’t care about this nonsense about “EU without austerity”. Ukros will ecstatically approve of whatever Tsipras will be ordered to pass down to his buggered Ukro subjects. No need to stage any silly referenda whatsoever.

  14. re: “The real danger for the junta does not come from the Russian military, but from the disillusioned and impoverished Ukrainian people”

    Then the junta is probably safe for years. Impoverished people almost never get rid of a government without serious outside help or a civil war in the country’s elites if the existing government is willing to use force. Neither of those conditions exist at the moment. Russia could easily do this, but it would mean a break in relations with the West, and they don’t want to pay that price.

    It is certainly possible that we will be having the same discussions a year or two from now. Actually, maybe we are having all the same discussions that we had almost a year ago.

  15. Yemen has been the target of a brutal U.S.-backed war led by Saudi Arabia. While ordinary civilians are suffering horrific violence and starvation, there is deafening silence from the U.S. and others who claim to be defenders of human rights.

    The situation is so bad now that nearly every major global human rights organization has issued dire warnings of the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in the Persian Gulf’s poorest nation.

    Since the Saudi regime began a bombing campaign in March, the situation has deteriorated rapidly as access to food and other aid has been stymied. In response, the United Nations in early July declared a Level 3 humanitarian emergency—the highest level possible. U.N. Envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed described Yemen as “one step away from famine.”

    Read more here:Why Are We (the west) Ignoring the War on Yemen?

    • Its quite simple.The US is an ally of the Saudis.The Saudis make deals to help the US all the time.The US is afraid of Iranian influence in Yemen.The Saudis are afraid of Iranian influence in Yemen.So the Saudis hope to stop any Iranian influence there.And the US totally agrees.That is it in a “nutshell”.

  16. from golden bridge to trench of war on August 21, 2015  ·  at 8:50 am UTC

    Ukronazis are the shame of Europe , the are one of the most stupid and evil people of the world . They could have been a golden bridge between the EU and Russia , instead they choosed to be a trench of war with Russia for the benefit of the angloamericans , and for the ruin of Ucraina and of the EU unión Project , which ,with the ucranian war , has shown its real antieuropean face .

    • With due respect: I think you’re not connecting the dots correctly here. EU represents first and foremost Western European — especially German — monopoly capital. Bellicose, totally reactionary and parasitic imperialism, further infuriated seeing its own rotting edifice and feeling the stiffening resistance mounting from without. To finish off Russia and grab her resources is absolutely crucial for this abominable corporato-kleptocratic “union” to survive. Eastern European lowlives with their inferiority complexes, spinelessness, and manifest retardation overall are precisely what the Eurocrats have been looking for.

  17. polacos y polacoides fuera de la UE on August 21, 2015  ·  at 9:22 am UTC

    Stupid ucranians , do you realize that thanks to your troglodite behavior many southern europeans are beguining to question their permanence in the EU ? in a EU full of blood thirsty assholes such as the baltics , polacks , the germans ( they never will change )…. . In southern Europe we don not want the ukropians in the EU never . ever , and we do not want the polacks , baltics ,rumanians and othes postsoviets in the EU , it was a grave mistake to admit them , they should be expelled from the EU .

  18. Some months ago it was admitted in the Western press that Russia could supply Novorossiya with FOUR times the amount of weapons NATO could to kiev.
    What we see with the attacks on the DPR/LPR is quite simply an evil mad demon killing whoever it can, regardless of any military objective, and 100% approved by obummer & camoron.
    Let’s not forget though also – and I am 100% with/for the Donbass people – that Putin’s first and foremost priority is to protect/look after the Russian people in Russia. Russia has been attacked financially, typically by the City/Wall Street nexus, after all, how else would you explain the hyrnvia as being more than THREE times ‘stronger’ than the rouble??? Only by manipulation of the currencies by the West.
    I also think that Putin is playing for time: by end of June it should be radically different in Ukraine – better for the Donbass, much worse for the rest, as people simply won’t be able to pay for their electricity/gas bills, thanks to the West and their man yats:
    ‘“We’ll start a Maidan against the “Yatsenyuk tariffs.”
    “Enough with the talk about ‘Yatsenyuk’s tariffs’ from the talk-show podium. He doesn’t care to hear us. Only a “Tariff Maidan” will stop the Prime Minister, a key role in which must be played by the people of Kiev”, said Kaplan.
    “We will build a real Maidan against the tariffs of Yatsenyuk, we will demand his resignation, and, if necessary, re-elections to the Verkhovna Rada. We will not forgive betrayal. There is no place for enemies of the Ukrainian people in parliament and government.”’

  19. Saker, this is quite a bad analysis. No one in the Ukraine in his right mind wants to get the Russians involved, they know very well that would be the end of the song.

    “the Nazi regime in Kiev will be saved: it will be able to declare full mobilization, blame every difficulty in Russia, crush any resistance with even more brutality than before and politically force all the US allies to provide aid to the regime in Kiev.”

    The regime is already doing this, and I cannot see why it would be more successful in case a real attack happens. I’ve even read reports about Western Ukrainians hoping for a Russian attack, a real one. It’s quite unlikely an attack would unify the Ukrainians.

    The real actors are the Americans, the Junta, up to and including Porky, Yats, and Turchinov are just clowns for the show. The Nazi rubble is just that, cannon fodder, together with the Uki army. The US wants to create trouble at the doorstep of the Russians, and they are doing just that. The Ukies knew very well 1,5 years ago that force would just make matters worse, but by that time the US ran the show.

    The Russians didn’t want to intervene (except for the Crimea, for the naval base, but that’s a different story). They wanted (and still want) to restore the uneasy status quo ante, and fear that a direct intervention will make an international pariah out of Russia. Even the Puppet Ukraine is acceptable to them (except for the Crimea). But the US didn’t want the Ukraine, that was only a tool to harass the Russians. So the international pariah status with sanctions etc. is on the way, full steam, doesn’t matter what Russia does.

  20. The situation on the front is strongly rassembling WW I circa 1916.
    Massed artillery , heavily dug infantry, no airpower to speak of and absolutely no chance for breakthrough.
    In the past, the German front was broken using tanks, today the armor is completely nullified by AT weapons.
    Even if, by some miracle, the NATO forces managed a breakthrough in a sector(sacrificing a brigade or two in the process) , they will be counterattacked by freshly repainted tanks , thrown back and run away in panic, as they usually do.
    I cannot believe that the NATO HQ did not study the Russian elastic defense and assault-breaker theories, or simple watched a documentary about Kursk on YT.

    Last week, NATO artillery tried to counter-battery their NR counterparts, and apparently failed, being silenced and disorganised themselves , and probably pushing the offensive back for two weeks at least.

    This offensive is obviously not meant to succeed.

  21. This link sounds ominous but a couple of reference checks (and questionable quotes) do not seem to add up to support the key assertion that “Putin Signs “September War” Order Authorizing Nuclear Attack On NATO Forces”.

    On closer inspection it seems likely to be a dis-information effort.

    Can anyone confirm whether it is correct or whether it is psyops?

    • Anytime you see anything that says Russia (Putin) signs a nuclear attack order discard it.It’s pure Western propaganda. He is totally opposed to war.And will do everything he can to stop one.My only worry is that he will betray Russia rather than go to war.Leading to his removal from office and replacement by someone willing to fight to save their country.But to seek a war is totally out of his character.

  22. Dear The Saker,

    As many of us have known and you have stated many times, the whole point of the A/Z campaign in Ukraine was to get Russia drawn into a war. Russia knows this.

    The Junta is currently bombing non-stop now – trying to get a reaction. The OSCE turns a blind eye. Anytime Chocie boy is going to a meeting to discuss the situation, a massive offensive takes place before or during – Merkel and Hollande must have woken up to this by now? I am sure Putin made it very clear when they last visited Moscow – this is the last time – if you let Chocie and his Nazi’s attack again – you will bear the consequences. The EU has enough problems right now without a war in Ukraine.

    As awful as it is, I don’t think Russia will get involved but let the resistance fight (with all the help they can give) the Junta. I am sure they will bring their troops close to the border, if required, and warn the US/EU if things get bloody, but still not go in.

    War with Russia is what they desperately need in order to keep their awful economies, exceptionalism and lies going. Russia can’t give this to them.



  23. “So we are left with this exhausting and frustrating situation”

    Whom do you include in “we”.

    It appears you are prone to limit notions of war to things that go bang thereby facilitating strategic myopia.

    “Russia will really have no other option than to intervene. ”

    How do you define “intervene”.

    Subject to definition is it your contention that “intervention” has not been a lateral process throughout?

    On what data using which evaluation criteria, method and time horizon do you base “have no other option”?

    • I’m sorry to say that, but it seems to me that your questioning is totally meaningless. It is like me saying: “The sky is blue” and you ask in return to define what is “blue”. Then I would say : “Blue is the colour between violet and green on the optical spectrum of visible light” and you, once again, would ask to define what is “violet”, what is “green”, what is optical spectrum” and what is “visible light”.

      This is how lawyers in the US operate when they’re out of legitimate options, they just start litigating for the sake of litigation that can last a lifetime.

      • Its also an old hasbara trick.The Zionists use it all the time.Every time I see one of the “anonymous” posters use stratagems like that.I begin to smell a hasbara Zionist or Western loyalist among us.

  24. Perhaps not ‘imminent’, -they tried to attack in the morning of 17 Aug according to opolchenie member with call name Koba, and got disciplined a bit for doing that; there was a stream of news releases, an Ukrainian denial, and a Normandy 4 expert meeting since than.

    On the other hand when a dysfunctional regime assembles a large force somewhere, it may have nowhere to go but forward–or else it may cause some troubles back home. Or at least a convincing explanation is needed for going back (and what would they say?)

    (Koba link, e.g. )

  25. What’s new this time? When the Ukrops ran their offensive against Novorossia last August, the Israelis exploited the distraction to launch a murderous offensive against Gaza. The Israelis have been stirring things up on the border with Syria, so this time I expect they will run a land grab against Syria whilst “everyone is distracted by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine” aka a Ukrop attack against Novorossia.

    Also the US has supplied the Ukrops with at least one military field hospital capable of handling 3000 patients, so they are expecting massive casualties that they want to keep away from normal hospitals and out of the media view.

    When the attack does happen, hopefully there will be partisan attacks against Ukrop ammunition dumps and supply routes, along with popular uprisings in Odessa, Mariupol, Kharkov, Rivne, Zakarpattyia etc.

  26. Poroshenko:

    “Ukraine will never agree to limit its legal sovereignty over the occupied territories and the current amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine will be the maximum concession on the part of the President.”

    “The direct rule of the Constitution has never existed and will never exist. And the reference to the law on special order of the local government in some areas of Donbas is a worthless piece of paper, because you can change it at any time,”

    • And that is why the Minsk agreement is worthless.Because,as you corrected posted,unless the status (agreed by Donbass) is enshrined unchangeable in the Constitution.It can always be renounced by the junta.

  27. If the prevailing attitude around this blog matches the attitude of the Russian leaders, then the US/NATO invaders and their Ukrainian puppets have the luxury of indefinite amounts of time to calmly and methodically build up the needed hardware, human ware, supply lines etc etc, around the Donbass, until such time as they are in a position to take the seceded territories in one fell swoop…. while continuing their “low intensity” (cough) terror shelling until the area is adequately depopulated. They can those things in the comfortable knowledge that Russia will not intervene because, you know, they may get some important economic sanctions from the angry USA/EU partners and of course that would be a terrible new blow. Or it may give the West a chance to freely increase the production of russophobia, which as we know has been kept at rather low levels until now.

    In addition, the US and its puppets must enjoy the feeling that their massing of troops and preparations and constant announcements by the other side that they are about to launch a great offensive, must little by little sap the spirit of the hapless souls being shelled while they await the final onslaught. With the current attitude around here, It’s win-win for them no matter how you cut it.

    The attitude has slowly shifted from an initial: Russia will intervene if the carnage and destruction is unacceptable, to an attitude where intervention is all but unthinkable except in the case of attacks on Russian territory. And even then, if its limited to the vicinity of the border, they probably should not respond with any form of intervention, lest it upsets the Americans and company too much.

    The partners must not be made upset.

    There is this old sarcastic wisdom phrase, calling for caution, that seems appropriate to this situation:
    “We know they’re pissing on our face, but we should keep say it’s raining”

  28. The only thing that bothers me in this whole situation is the false flag. I think it’s clear that Basurin is trying to weaken its force by calling it out in advance, along with the visible UAF battle plan. I’ve said for some time that we live in an age when the ancient military tactic of false flag is beginning to lose its power, but I’ll be the first to offer that the right ploy, executed well, could still have devastating effect.

    However, what will be will be, and we shall see.

    Saker I think this is a valuable summary of events, not at all a crying wolf thing. Something does seem close. And even if nothing happens, this is not a TV show put on for our benefit. Anyone who can’t stand the tension of the plot development should switch channels.

  29. Intervention by Russia:

    The Russians have already intervened. They control the Donbass political and economic development, all officials and the systems that support all activity, military or business (except for crime and banditry).

    The Russians Voentorg or North Wind is intervention by stealth.

    The Russian military controls the battlefield and the militia actions.

    So, for someone to argue the Russians will never intervene is naive at best.

    And I offer this as what will happen: The Russian Airborne is built to do exactly the task needed in Ukraine—intervene with agility and stealth, destroy the enemy of Russia and protect Russian interests and assets.

    Mariupol is a supreme object in this geopolitical struggle. Airborne will be used by stealth to take it, I venture a guess.

    100,500,1000—whatever the planners think is necessary. A dark, moonless night, whisper helos, boats, parachuting from an overflight and hook up with militia will get it done.

    I imagine the GRU knows the location of every Ukie commander, the names and cell phones of all SBU and CIA operatives in Mariupol. With boots on the ground, by sunrise Mariupol will be flying a Novorossiya flag.

    What everyone fails to keep in mind is that Ukraine is not another country in the mind of Russian officials. Ukraine is another republic that is like a neighboring state in the US. Mariupol is a stone’s throw from Russia. Everyone speaks Russian. Most of the people want to be Russian.

    This isn’t intervention. It’s helping a next door neighbor, maybe a cousin or life-long friend to get rid of bully or criminal ruining the neighborhood and endangering the children.

    As for the economic burden of Ukraine, the looting by IMF, EU and US has created that descent into self-destruction and military destruction of its most important region. So, the sooner Russia acts to end the madness, the sooner Ukraine can get into the Eurasian development. Ukraine’s location will make it viable, and it will be an agricultural giant eventually when China modernizes that industry sector.

    Nazism is the largest problem, not economics. The numbers of True Believers of Bandera and Russophobia is what has to be addressed. To get all those people into social therapy will take generations to break the cult programming that warps their humanity.

  30. It appears to me that the Russian government does not want war , not because of fear of being labeled aggressor, or fear of falling into some kind of NATO trap, or fear of further sanctions or…

    Their main idea is to bring back Ukraine, more or less entire, to its geopolitical and ethnic sense with minimum of human, ecological and economic sacrifice. And that precludes war ( too blunt an instrument), economic and financial sanctions. That is the only explanation I have for the seemingly contradictory behavior of Russian government of keeping open all channels to Ukraine government and people. Yet it is absolutely essential that they do. Reminds me of a parent dealing with a mental crisis of its child(ren). Whoever was in such a situation knows how hard and heart-breaking it is, and that the key to healing is maintaining open all channels of communication.

    It seems to me that the most likely and healthiest solution will be a counter-coup d’état , done by Ukrainians themselves, regardless of how much it is helped by Russians. This may take the form of civil/partizan uprisings but more likely it is going to be lead by a combination of military and intelligence officers (as in Hitler’s assassination attempt in 1944), since they are the only one with sufficient power and information of what is going on. I hope it will be more successful.

    In this way, Ukrainians liberate themselves, recover their national and ethnic health , get reconstruction help from Russia ( or BRICS, as no one else would do it anyway) and then
    possibly join SCO. Happy End.

    Regards, Spiral




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