AL-HASAKA:  Kurdish obnoxiousness has reached new levels of despicableness.  Four days ago, a group of Kurdish draft dodgers landed in Damascus International Airport.  Airport security personnel working for the Ministry of the Interior, identified them as wanted criminals and arrested them in accordance with well-known Syrian laws.  The men were returning to Syria without having resolved their status as draftable citizens.

Evidently, one of the returning criminals was the brother of a Kurdish insurgent in the city of Al-Qaamishli.  When the brother learned of the arrest, he led an armed insurrection in the name of their group called the “Asaayish” against the loyal Popular Defense Committees who were assisting in maintaining order in the city of Al-Qaamishli.  They attacked the ‘Alaayaa Central Prison with mortars and other forms of artillery and eventually, on the second day, captured the prison killing about 11 of our citizens in the process.   Over 19 Kurds were also killed by our brave fighters.

They have demanded the release of their fellow criminals in Damascus.  The government has said “no” to that.  They are criminals,after all.

In any case, the “Asaayish” have taken some of our people hostage and are demanding their release only after the government agrees to release the draft dodgers.

The PDC responded this outrage by occupying the Seven Lakes Roundabout and arresting 3 Asaayish officers in their car.  They also retaliated by taking control of Al-Wahda Street and former Kurd checkpoints at Al-Zuhoor Quarter and other military outposts around Khirbat ‘Ammu.

The Syrian Army’s command, ordered a large advance by SAA troops into Al-Qaamishly to stop the fighting.  The SAA has found allies among the prisoner population many of whom are sick of Kurd interference in the management of the state.  The SAA is now bombing the prison in areas where the Kurds have established fortifications and it has been reported that an assault will take place during the next 24 hours.

A cease fire was announced a few hours ago but it is being violated constantly by the Kurds.


الجيش السوري

A refitted pickup truck captured from Saudi-financed terrorist rats is made useful in this scene from rural Damascus.  Oh, and thanks for the 23mm cannon too.  

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