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Ukraine ultranationalist leader rejects Minsk peace deal, vows ‘to continue war’

  Ukraine’s Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh said his radical movement rejects the Minsk peace deal and that their paramilitary units in eastern Ukraine will continue “active fighting” according to their “own plans.” The notorious ultranationalist leader published a statement on his Facebook page Friday, saying that his radical Right Sector movement doesn’t recognize the […]

Russia fears ethnic cleansing in Ukraine amid rise of neo-Nazism – Putin

As Kiev continues to amass its forces in eastern Ukraine despite the ceasefire and use radical nationalist groups as armed battalions, Moscow is concerned about possible ethnic cleansing there, Russian President Vladimir Putin told ARD in an interview. READ MORE: Kiev not fully committed to ceasefire, amasses troops along E. Ukraine frontline – Russia Speaking […]

4th mass grave found in E. Ukraine, self-defense forces report

One more mass grave has been found in a village in eastern Ukraine, say self-defense forces. The site was located days after OSCE mission confirmed the discovery of three mass burial sites in areas recently abandoned by Kiev forces. The new site of the suspected murders is near Nyzhnia Krynka village, not far from the […]

War Crimes Committed by Ukraine Military in Donbass: From Illegal Arms Trafficking to Human Organs Trade

By Alexander Donetsky Numerous reports on systematic destruction of populated areas in the Donbass and Luhansk regions by Ukrainian military have been becoming public domain. The evidence has been plentiful: photos, videos, international observers and journalists’ reports. Neither the United States nor Europe have paid attention to this information as they considered it to be part […]

Crimes of Ukrainian Aidar battalion confirmed in Amnesty Int’l report – Russia

An Amnesty International report has confirmed that war crimes including abductions, executions and extortion were committed by the Ukrainian Aidar battalion in Lugansk region, eastern Ukraine, an official from Russia’s Foreign Ministry says. “The report confirms large-scale crimes, including war [crimes] made routinely and under the aegis of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, by the leaders […]