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Ukraine: Implementeringen af Minsk-aftalen

Meget at det, vi hører om Ukraine for øjeblikket er en slags teatertorden, hvor parterne forsøger at markere sig. Sandheden er, at hverken Rusland eller befolkningen i det sydøstlige Ukraine vil finde sig i, at se nazismen genopstå. Og det er man nødt til at rette sig efter. Sidst har NATO’s generalsekretær blandet sig i […]

Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Commander: “The US is Training and Funding Us”

A commander of one of the Ukrainian neo-nazi battalions, the Donbass,Semyon Semyonchenko, has just returned from the US, where he met with senior senators from both parties, and received commitments of material support. He posted a comment on Facebook in which he gives a detailed explanation of this assistance. He was also received by IRI (International Republican Institute) […]

War Crimes Committed by Ukraine Military in Donbass: From Illegal Arms Trafficking to Human Organs Trade

By Alexander Donetsky Numerous reports on systematic destruction of populated areas in the Donbass and Luhansk regions by Ukrainian military have been becoming public domain. The evidence has been plentiful: photos, videos, international observers and journalists’ reports. Neither the United States nor Europe have paid attention to this information as they considered it to be part […]

Crimes of Ukrainian Aidar battalion confirmed in Amnesty Int’l report – Russia

An Amnesty International report has confirmed that war crimes including abductions, executions and extortion were committed by the Ukrainian Aidar battalion in Lugansk region, eastern Ukraine, an official from Russia’s Foreign Ministry says. “The report confirms large-scale crimes, including war [crimes] made routinely and under the aegis of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, by the leaders […]

Ukraine peace plan: Withdraw military hardware, exchange POWs, open corridors

Ukrainian servicemen load shells into a tank at a check point in the southern coastal town of Mariupol September 5, 2014. (Reuters//Vasily Fedosenko) Both sides in the Ukrainian conflict have agreed to “all to all” prisoners of war exchange, hardware withdrawal and humanitarian aid access to the area. Kiev and rebel troops laid down arms […]