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House Republicans re-elect Congressional whip with ties to neo-Nazi group

By Andre Damon 7 January 2015 Steve Scalise as some Americans see him:  A cheer went up in the House of Representatives Tuesday as House Republicans reelected Steve Scalise as Majority Whip, a top Republican post in the chamber, despite the fact that he recently admitted to being a speaker at a white supremacist conference […]

”Kun SYRIZA kan redde grækerne”

Overskriften er hentet fra en artikel, som New York Times skrev i anledning at lederen af SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, rejst til Washington i juni 2013, hvor han blandt andet holdt møde med den konservative tænketank Brooking Institut. Grækenland har været præget af utroligt mange strejker. Men står det alene til SYRIZA vil de være forgæves:  […]

Brutal torture detailed in Senate report on CIA interrogation

By Eric London 10 December 2014 The unclassified executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’sreport on CIA interrogation, released yesterday, reveals a brutal program of torture and abuse, implicating the US government in crimes that are far more extensive than previously acknowledged. The 500-page report of CIA torture under the Bush administration was released on Tuesday […]

Turmoil in Hong Kong, Terrorism in Xinjiang: America’s Covert War on China

By Tony Cartalucci China is facing increasing pressure along two fronts. In its western province of Xinjiang, terrorists have been stepping up destabilization and separatist activities. In China’s southeast Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, protests have disrupted normality in the dense urban streets, with protest leaders seeking to directly confront Beijing while dividing and destabilizing both […]